Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some random stuvs

You are in trouble!!!
Can't remember aw many times Ade mentioned that line at the interactive session we had today, ok yesterday. Calls after calls and Ade, an architect with Microsoft (ok, software architect), finally fixed a meeting with team X. The session was one of the most elevating I've ever had. First it wasn't just about the session. We were treated like some kind of star at the office... "This is the team that won this year's Imagine cup... that would be representing Nigeria in Cairo" N'Dee introduces us to the Country Manager, Emmanuel. We took some photographs with him and then we had a meeting with Ade and Shina at their conference room. Interacting with industry professionals opened up our eyes to a lot of things. The real world challenges, tasks and all. We are really in trouble for taking part and wining this year's national challenge, 'cos we have to win in Cairo and push this solution into the industry. After the session, I told John and Francis "Hope u guyz had a nice sleep last night, cos dat wud be the last full night sleep u'll enjoy until we return from Cairo." John felt the fever. Thanks to him we have a mosquito infested room (at his home) to code at!!! Can't count aw many times av had to beat myself these few hours, awsh!!!

Amaka's B'day
It's my girl's bday 2day... Happy birthday dear.

More Coldplay tracks
Got Lost!, Life in technicolor and 47. I'm feeling Lost! like mad!!! Men Chris Martin's so inspirational... listen to this "Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost... You might be a big fish in a little pond, doesn't mean you've won". Challenges you to bring out the best in yourself!!! Feel me?

Solange, Beyonce's lil sis did Viva la vida really well. See her performance:

The "Wining the imagine cup national challenge" series is still coming up.

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