Monday, September 10, 2012

We Hired.

We just increased our core team to 3 people.

Last Saturday, Kennedy Obiechina came all the way from Abuja to Lagos to join Tiketmobile as a business developer. Kennedy holds a BSc. in Accounting from the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. While he was studying for his degree, he was the student union information officer for two sessions at a row.

He is quiet when unfamiliar with a place but has a very imposing personality when he's used to an environment. He cannot avoid being noticed. Very analytical somebody when he's trying to convey his points/views and HE IS NOT A TECHIE, but he's very technology literate.

We've been friends since 2005. While we were teenagers, everyday after evening mass, we would spend a lot of time talking about our dreams. He had always known of my dreams to build a successful technology company and always asked me how I'm faring in accomplishing it. Yesterday, when I told him that my co-founder is 18, he responded with: "probably, he would achieve that dream you had of founding/running a successful company at 20"

I've been speaking with Kennedy about the Tiketmobile concept for some time now, so he is familiar with it. Whenever I needed links to a bus service provider, he was one of the first people I'll talk to (by virtue of his SU "information officer" position, he had information). So it was only approprate for me to reach out to him when we needed a business developer in-house (A.K.A when the load got too heavy for me to carry and I started to fail in my tasks). We spent almost the whole of yesterday talking about what has been done, what needs to be done and the time frame we would apportion to tasks.

Kennedy would be responsible for accounts and business outreach. If you want to reach him you can send him an e-mail on

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