Thursday, September 26, 2013

In The Lab...

I'm in my 20's and I'm living my life like an experiment.

Lately, I've been filling my head with the fundamentals of several concepts: Idealism, Socialism, Capitalism, and all the "-ism's", and it feels quite sad to realize that I haven't yet consciously aligned myself to any, or a combination of any. I think that, somehow, if we are going to make a difference in this life, we need to know and understand the path which we have chosen to take -- or which we have threaded so far.

How do people live according to an ideal? Maybe they stumble into it mistakenly and it worked for them; maybe they studied all and applied the best one (or best combination) they could relate with; or maybe still, religious inclination, experiences, etc chose one for most people. But many people I've read of played around with this sort of things in their late teens and early twenties. I'm halfway into my twenties and I'm still messing around with it. I feel late to the game, yet I feel it's better than sleep-walking through the rest of my life. So I'm experimenting. My 20's is an experiment, a search for what ideal the rest of my life would be lived by.

So pardon me if tomorrow I act differently than today, I'm an experiment in the lab of life, but some things are established: I'm a software geek, an entrepreneur, a reader and a thinker.

  1. Even though in 2009, I blogged about not taking-up paid employment, I eventually had to do so. It was imperative because I have to run my life. So last week, I accepted a job offer with InterSwitch and so far, aside from the fact that I now have to manage a lot of Java EE (which I haven't done for a while), I think it's quite nice. The people there are nice and happy, which is good. I'm still trying to strike-out a personal balance though.
  2. I met two really nice guys last weekend, one of them an up-and-coming artiste, who's getting a lot of airplay for two singles which he just released. We had a long chat on Tuesday evening -- at the beautiful poolside of Eko Hotel, with toothpick-figured models rehearsing some moves around us -- and I feel like they are going to influence my life in some really interesting ways, so I look forward to it.
  3. I cut my hair, so no dreadlocks for me again for some time... :(
Happy birthday Yosola!


Valentine said...

Good to know you have moved on. Personally enjoyed the postscript more, since i consciously decided never to bother myself too much with concepts of idealism, socialism and capitalism.

Binjo said...

I liked your hair :(

celestocalculus said...

@Binjo Me too... I'm almost certain I'll grow it again, in due time.