Saturday, February 15, 2014

We might not be alone

I believe in evolution.

I just saw the video below on my Facebook feed and it re-affirms that belief:

And then I shared it with the caption:

"See this bird using bread as a bait to catch a fish. If the earth survives subsequent stages of evolution & man haven't hunted this bird till it's extinct, they would create tools & be far more advanced!"

While typing it, I began to have a stream of thoughts and imaginations.

  1. What would the earth be like, if in billions of years, this creature evolves to a highly intelligent being?
  2. Where would the human race be by then and how would they be reasoning? How intelligent would we be by then?
  3. What are the chances that we would even still be on this planet? Maybe we would have discovered how to survive at other parts of the galaxy and we would have migrated there, then leave the earth as a desolate land for other evolving species.
  4. What are the chances that there aren't other highly evolved species, who after evolving past a certain level of intelligence and migrated out of this planet to other places in the galaxy, leaving earth as a desolate land for evolving mammals which later became us?
  5. If this is the way it goes, then chances are that these highly intelligent beings won't even be mammals, or maybe they won't look anything like us, but they would be monitoring us over some "purple matter" (like Frank Ocean would put it).
On a parallel thought train, I imagined that dinosaurs were the most intelligent beings of the times when they reigned supreme. Maybe they didn't build computers, but they found a way to subdue the other occupants of this planet. However, they didn't understand or try to figure-out how the elements of this planet works, hence they were wiped away by natural processes.

The seed has been planted and the thought process is still executing.


Osb said...

Just have to see the video too man, The difference between these animals and us is the ANSWER. Why they are not as "intelligent" as us. Why they show a considerable level of survival instinct intelligence. With the results, we can extrapolate in the positive axis to predict the futuure and in the negative axis to KNOW our origin.

celestocalculus said...


But this video is kinda beyond survival instinct. I reason that if it was survival instinct alone, the bird would have just eaten the bread (or whatever that stuff was).

It was a creature being smart.