Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kudos to ABSOLUT

Last weekend, I published a post about how Absolut vodka took artist who took part in the Open Canvas and their work for granted. And how they kept using the works of these artist for marketing, without duly compensating the artists nor actually finishing the competition.

I'm glad to publish this post to let you know that they have made concrete moves to correct their errors. I think I'm responsible for letting the public know what the outcome of that post was, after literarily slaying the brand.

In an email reply sent to Anthony, they indicated that they only got to know that they're owing the artists from reading my blog post and they fixed a meeting to talk about it. The meeting held last Wednesday, where they apologized, explained the situation which led to the neglect and promised to remedy the issues.

Part of what they promised to do include:
  1. They actually offered all of the artists present at the meeting a pass to the "Road to MAMA" party which held last Friday night. As a compensation for not inviting them for their "Art party" which held last weekend.
  2. The promised to settle the stipends for transportation and logistics, which the artist used-up during the Open Canvas competition and also to give them certificate of participation.
  3. They promised to integrate the artists better in their activities in the coming months/year by collaborating with them as brand ambassadors and stuffs.
Aren't we all happy about this?

I love me a brand that is sensitive to the public perception of their activities and take corrective steps when they make a mistake. Brands that don't see themselves above the scrutiny of the public and once they discover they're wrong, they don't get defensive. Instead they reach-out and create an inclusive policy.

If they keep to their promises, they might just become one of my favorite brands. Wish them all the best and success in the Nigerian market.

Kudos to ABSOLUT. Well done.

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