Thursday, February 12, 2009


I keep a very countable number of people really close. Not like I can't extend my friends base but I really want to maintain the count of people I really care about. "Every other person is just an acquaintance", I told one friend. But this close friend stuff might not be that good afterall.

Due to some misunderstanding I had with my closest friend last Friday (I have a female closest friend!), I've restructured my principle on relationship with people. I discovered that familiarity could bring you more insults than good.

Never expect anything from anyone.
If u get anything, fine! If u don't - well u never expected.
Trust people well enough for them to be useful, not more.
Always be positive with people and appreciate them.
Never get too familiar or u'll be less appreciated.
You are the only one who really knows u, so invest in u.


Neck cracking projects:

CSC302: Implement a CPU Register using Java - I'm bustin this one. I av to read flip flops to create a register (registers contain flip flops). Now the assignment is more like "Implement flip flops then use the code to implement a register". 2 in 1. Plus there are diffrent kinds of flip flops and then there are different kinds of registers. I don't av time... really cos no mark is attached.

CSC305: Implement a Parser for any C-type language - HOD's course, compiler construction. 20 marks. Haven't started yet cos of the following two.

Imagine Cup 2009: Complete analysis of System X's architecture - Quite fun but really tasking. Last night I stayed awake all night on this but didn't type a single character on the .docx file. It invites me to a different domain of operation which I couldn't attain last night. Instead I drafted a schedule for the project. I just delegated part of the job to John. I trust he'll be able to handle it (well, hope so).

TestEngine: Samuel's test engine software - Called Samuel to come over and see aw far it has gone when he told me I had to include sessions in the tests. Some restructuring was required - well that's more pay!

I'm working on my effectiveness... My life depends on it!

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