Saturday, February 28, 2009

--->Taking Control<---

Lately, I made a number of calls to personalities I never imagined I'll have their numbers on my phone. Ok I called MTN Brand Manager, called some Lagos state government officials... all thanks to the role I currently hold at our preparations for 2009 Imagine Cup. Having spent a larger part of this week writing codes for my CSC 306 assignment, creating a lexical analyser, I've not had the time to write a proposal for sponsorship which we were supposed to send to MTN.

Now Lexical Analyser was gone, I sat down to write the proposal. From having very little knowledge of what writing a proposal entails, with Coldplay blasting across my ears, I picked up the pdf I downloaded on proposal writing and the off I went with this wonderful executive summary - Ok the guys at MTN would decide if it's wonderful or not. But sincerely, I never imagined I'll write such an appealing piece, building points from paragraph to paragraph.

Looking back three years ago, before I got into Unilag, I never imagined myself exploding this much in such short period of three years. Last year I went on an eye-opening trip to Paris representing Nigeria in a software challenge. This year I'm at the helm of affairs, handling a team of programmers that would take part in this year's challenge (thanks to helps from Jide), writing proposals, liaising with people in high places... what more. I find myself being in more control of myself. I find myself saying NO to thing I'll ordinarily have said YES to. I find myself taking-up responsibilities and mapping out strategies to get things done. I find myself GROWING UP.

Basically I've learnt the secrets; I’m getting more efficient… Even if all things are not working as planned, I never hold it up against myself; instead I focus on the parts that are currently working and give the “sour grape” excuse for not going after other parts. I’ve learnt to work more for the intangible than for the tangible, for the long run than for what’s coming now-now. I believe that I’ll be in strong control of the future and I’ll be stirring things in the directions I want them to go. I’ve always believed I’ll be there but I never knew the secrets for a long time. Hey prepare for me, you’ll be hearing of me soon!

Exams start next week. I’ve set my goals; hope things work out as planned. I wish myself all the best. Baba God dey my side so me no dey shake one bit.

I better go and start preparing for our Imagine Cup Team meeting. Enough of all these ehm... psyche

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rayo said...

fly boy, u're gettin to see what u'll go thru after school abi.
all d best in ur exams oh

mike said...

God is control. not to worry, He will see u thru.