Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Block.

Between us is a block,

A block that’s all but good,

For years I’ve nurtured this block,

I’ve built it into a brick wall,

Despite its status I enjoyed building it,

But I’ve decided to pull down the wall,

Yes, I’m pulling it down, down to vestiges.

It was the same block, yes this same block

That took the great Napoleon to Waterloo,

This same block saw King Phillip’s Armada,

Fall to Queen Elizabeth’s Navy.

This block saw the most loved angel,

Become the most hated creature.

I’m going through the process of bulldozing,

The very hurtful process of destroying,

Destroying this block that I raised into a wall.

Heart piercing rumbles would be heard,

But of great importance is this,

That the wall is brought down and the block is history

Today might be thorny,

But tomorrow would be grateful,

That this block, this very creepy block

Never extended quarter the size of the great wall

‘Cos some things, no matter their appeal,

Need to be crushed,

Crushed to ashes.

©Celestine Ezeokoye, 2009.

Can you figure out the subject of this poem?

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