Saturday, July 11, 2009

"My Mentor"


I log-in to my Yahoo! mail and I see a message from someone I don't know requesting that I be their mentor. This is beginning to get scary!

Ok all the appreciation, I appreciate but the mentor part... nna men!

Like this is not the first time. Was walkin along the street of Unilag when two guys accosted me, both taller than I am.

"Team X abi. We were @ the Imagine cup... Please we want to know how to write programs..."

All those kin things sha. Christ! I was humbled. First scared, then humbled.
Now someone is saying I shud be their mentor, small me.

Ok, I know the basic problem of the average Nigerian youth is getting a real role model and I'm in position to be one. God help me to do the right things. This is such an herculean task.

Reminds me of Damilola, everytime she comes to me with one programming task or the other and I complain, she would just shut me up with the famous line made popular by spiderman's uncle - "With great powers come great responsibilities".

I guess I'll just live up to the responsibility. I pray for God's help.

PS: Somehow, my iTunes library got corrupted and I had to delete it. Now all my cherished play count is gone... sobs.. sobs.

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