Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Geek's Night Out

I went out for some fun at a club on Friday night and when I got bored, my droid filled the gap. I prepared this post "in the club" (Reminds me of 50 Cent). Enjoy!

For a moment I‘m thinking that this is all a waste of time. BTW, as I type this document, music is blasting on my ears, my joints ache from a lot of dancing and once in a while I try to pick myself up and rock my body once more to the beats. In case you don‘t get it yet, I‘m in a club.
It‘s friday night and Samuel had invited me to Jemaimah‘s birthday which was to hold at a club at Adeola Adeku. I had put it in my itenery and looked forward to it. Before now, the last -- and first -- time I was at a club was at Paris, the farewell party for the 2008 Imagine cup. It was fun but I only went ‘cos it was part of the program lined-up for the event. Now this; this is actually going out of my way ‘cos today was one of the most stressful of the week.
I must confess, it was worth it. I had the first lap-dance given to me, I rocked some ar$es like the world was gon end tonite. The fun was madt! Then I got tired. I discovered that, unlike programming where I have fun and seldom got tired, while clubing, I actually get tired of dancing. Tired and bored of the whole thing. Then I thought of what to do, then I reached out for my droid, opened up my pdf on phone gap and read a few pages, then I danced a little more, pestered Samuel a little when he tried to catch some sleep, philosophised a little about how vain clubbing is yet deceiding that I would do it more, once in a while tho. Then finally, I get the idea to write a blog post while Tina is pestering me inbetween and I rock to more music inbetween. BTW, I just got a company, a very pretty lady whom I think is a commercial sex worker, we talked a little and she seem to be curious about what I was doing on my phone. I told her that I was preparing a blog post and asked her if she wanted to read it, she answered in the affirmative and I gave her to read.
Now Samuel is awake and he has to drive us home. My freind tells me her name and asks me for my number.  It‘s 5:30 AM and I‘m on my way home.


Bomb! said...

What's ur friend's name? And biko, what's her number? :D

celestocalculus said...

hehe.... ahn ahn, u too go to ur own club and collect ur own number :P

Shawnmayor said...

chairman easy oo. Dnt allow much disturbance in ur work