Sunday, December 28, 2008

" you even know how to kill me?"

"I'll cut your head off, see if that works"

That was Wolverine's reply to Sabertooth's question. The last conversation in the trailer to the latest X-Men movie scheduled for release on May 1. The movie rekindles the rivalry between Wolverine and Sabertooth and brings legendary X-Men characters like Gambit, into the scene. Cos of this movie, I downloaded two Wolverine wallpapers with Hugh Jackman in perfect pose.
Watch the trailer:

I'm a big X-Men fan and I'm looking forward to movie.

Wait for the next one. I enjoyed the novel so I'm certainly going to look out for the movie. Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra are going to save the Vatican from the cold revenge of the Illuminati on the night of the conclave. It's Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons on the big screen. Tom Hanks would be a character to watch out for. A sequel to the Da Vinci Code (even though I ddnt watch that), I'll certainly look out for it. Scheduled for release on May 15.
I got two trailers for the movie:


Click the link below for the biggest movies for this year. The box office shakers from Yahoo! movies.

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Good blog.

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Complement of the season.

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huge xmen fan meself!!!

nice 2 meet another unilag blogger!

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