Sunday, December 21, 2008

"...a tiger's waiting to be tamed..."

"When you tame a beast, you control power..." goes one advert by Stallion Automobiles on Cool FM. But the title line is from Coldplay's award winning album track - Clocks. I was singing along with this track when the line struck me.

First about the song. Clocks was written by Chris Martin and was the last track to be recorded in the album "A rush of blood to the head". It gained wide acceptance and won the Record of the year at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

Now the line "A tiger's waiting to be tamed" flooded my head with the great talents that exist around me. In this context, the "tamed" now represent the ability of these folks to harness their skills and explode with them.

First Anthony. My immediate younger brother. The most creative person I've ever met. Currently studying for a degree in Architecture at UNN, he's a bundle of skills when it comes to drawing, sketching, shading, painting,... etc. Was going through his sketches for last session "my favorite hundred sketches", I couldn't help but marvel at his abilities. All Chima could say was "I wonder where Anthony normally get all these idea from". I used to draw better than him but when I decided to drop the skill and focus on my studies (succumbing to pressures from parents), he continued. Now he's a phenomenon. See for yourself:

Wait did I say he and Chima were joint runners-up at the Commonwealth Youth Program art competition for 2006 (or 2007). They have the kpali for it at home.

When Kennedy told me he wasn't going to return to Lagos last holiday I was not very surprised. I had taken that decision too but the unavailability of accommodation chased me home. Ok, now I received this call from one "09" number. I knew immediately that it was from Abuja (I had a friend there who used to call me). "Hello Celestine..." the person on the other end said. "Hello who's this", "It's Kennedy... I'm in Abuja to interview Soludo." Levels!!! Kennedy is the Communications Officer of the Students' Union at UNN Enugu Campus and had gone to interview the Central Bank Governor for their SU mag. Kennedy and I hold similar ideas on most issues of life little wonder he called me on the night of Barack Obama's victory and we chatted for over 30 mins on the phone (not free night call o!). Great communicator and very politically inclined. When I told him I wouldn't do politics he was quick to point out that politics is everywhere. "If you plan to start-up and grow a multinational software company, you must do politics" and I don't agree less.
I remember vividly the circumstance that brought us together. I was going to "chyke" a girl that was his friend. He refused to permit me cos the girl was a girlfriend of another friend of his. Well the discussion swayed from the girl to us. We discovered that we grow up at the same neighbourhood and faced similar challenges and we bonded from then. His versatile nature is going to hold the world spell-bound when he explodes.

Now Rayo. I saved her name as Debola on my phone. Well I don't know why I think this chic is a phenomenon. But each time I decide to visit the blogsphere, her blog ( is my entry point. I think her writing skills are extraordinary. Jide (my Imagine Cup teammate) doesn't disagree. We read her post "My father's house" and Jide was really impressed. I'm a jambite in writings but Jide has read every novel you can name. I started with Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and I really enjoy the book. I'm not an expert but I think she'll explode if she exploit the skill. She's studying Law in Unilag and she wan be lecturer (nna mmeeennn, hot!).

I know a lot of other people who'll explode if they succeed in taming the tiger in them but for now watch out for these three. Better get to know then before it's too late.

Meeennn I cracked a number of relationships last week cos I was terribly broke. Was supposed to go for the burial ceremony of Lolade's dad but I couldn't make it to Aguda Surulere on Wednesday and Thursday. I was away from home and my maga was supposed to pay me for a software I debugged for him but he was posting me so I couldn't do much. Ebele called me on Tuesday and I was to see her on Friday, but I couldn't make it, even though she called me on Thursday to remind me. I was supposed to go to Tinu's place on Saturday and teach her how to use NetBeans IDE 6.5 but I fkd up. I'll spend a lot of money this week to mend these relationships... hmmm.
I dnt know the kind of pain I'm feeling at the right hand side of my lower jaw o! It can't be a dental problem cos I brush my teeth everyday (yes now). I think I'm teething. But the last time I counted my teeth (over a year ago) I think they were 32. The pain's actually getting to my upper jaw, close to my ear. It better go on time cos I don't have time for

I visited for the nominees for the 51st Grammy Awards. Lil Wayne topped with 8 nominations. My Coldplay was next with 7 nominations from their album released June this year "Viva la vida". Go check out the nominees and make your predictions.

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nice one...
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