Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas

It's Christmas eve and I'm blogging, facebooking and listening to Gorillaz. Was coding until I inserted my express card now I'm online and...

Wud av had lectures yesterday but Dr Fash accepted our appeal to call off the class. He also gave us next week off. But not Prof Sofoluwe. Oga DVC didn't want to call off his Monday class o! He says "It's not compulsory to attend lectures now." The boss use one assignment hold us. "You should submit on Monday" oga said "But it's not compulsory o! You can even submit after the exams shebi it is me that will deceide if I'll mark it or not"

We missed the family's Christmas tradition of goat meat peppersoup last Christmas, well I think we did sha. I've spent the last couple of days at aunty Nkiru's place at Anthony village cos popcy can't be spending 500 box everyday for transport to UNILAG(not to talk of the one I spend from my pocket). Mumcy came here yesterday for some business stuffs and I forgot to remind her that this year we mustn't miss the peppersoup.

It's a full house already. Francis and Anthony are back from school. Chima has always been at home (though he can't wait to resume at UNIBEN next year). I'm the only one missing. Once it's dawn, I'm outta this place.

I've developed a habit of neatness lately. I bath at least twice a day,...bla bla bla. Today was different sha. It's like harmattan started today so I was reluctant to bathing this morning. When PHCN struck in the afternoon and I finally decided take my bath cos the laptop battery had ran out, they brought the light back so I chilled. To cut the long story short, I didn't bath today, lol. Lazy me.

Merry Christmas to any one who reads this post before Christmas is over. If u read it after, save the greeting for next year Ok!

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rayo said...

cele, pele oh, i've never spent a xmas away from home yet. omo, u've become a serious blogger, i am proud of u. lol. btw ur prev post has me wanting to do more thanks plus ur bro is totally awesome.
merry xmas!

celestocalculus said...

Thank u o jarri... it's this Starcomms Express card dat cause it o!