Sunday, December 28, 2008

" you even know how to kill me?"

"I'll cut your head off, see if that works"

That was Wolverine's reply to Sabertooth's question. The last conversation in the trailer to the latest X-Men movie scheduled for release on May 1. The movie rekindles the rivalry between Wolverine and Sabertooth and brings legendary X-Men characters like Gambit, into the scene. Cos of this movie, I downloaded two Wolverine wallpapers with Hugh Jackman in perfect pose.
Watch the trailer:

I'm a big X-Men fan and I'm looking forward to movie.

Wait for the next one. I enjoyed the novel so I'm certainly going to look out for the movie. Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra are going to save the Vatican from the cold revenge of the Illuminati on the night of the conclave. It's Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons on the big screen. Tom Hanks would be a character to watch out for. A sequel to the Da Vinci Code (even though I ddnt watch that), I'll certainly look out for it. Scheduled for release on May 15.
I got two trailers for the movie:


Click the link below for the biggest movies for this year. The box office shakers from Yahoo! movies.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

.::~||~Feelin It~||~::.

I'm feeling dis Fela guy, GOSH!!! We need a new Fela badly to keep our gofament people on their toes.

If u'll volunteer raise ur hands up.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas

It's Christmas eve and I'm blogging, facebooking and listening to Gorillaz. Was coding until I inserted my express card now I'm online and...

Wud av had lectures yesterday but Dr Fash accepted our appeal to call off the class. He also gave us next week off. But not Prof Sofoluwe. Oga DVC didn't want to call off his Monday class o! He says "It's not compulsory to attend lectures now." The boss use one assignment hold us. "You should submit on Monday" oga said "But it's not compulsory o! You can even submit after the exams shebi it is me that will deceide if I'll mark it or not"

We missed the family's Christmas tradition of goat meat peppersoup last Christmas, well I think we did sha. I've spent the last couple of days at aunty Nkiru's place at Anthony village cos popcy can't be spending 500 box everyday for transport to UNILAG(not to talk of the one I spend from my pocket). Mumcy came here yesterday for some business stuffs and I forgot to remind her that this year we mustn't miss the peppersoup.

It's a full house already. Francis and Anthony are back from school. Chima has always been at home (though he can't wait to resume at UNIBEN next year). I'm the only one missing. Once it's dawn, I'm outta this place.

I've developed a habit of neatness lately. I bath at least twice a day,...bla bla bla. Today was different sha. It's like harmattan started today so I was reluctant to bathing this morning. When PHCN struck in the afternoon and I finally decided take my bath cos the laptop battery had ran out, they brought the light back so I chilled. To cut the long story short, I didn't bath today, lol. Lazy me.

Merry Christmas to any one who reads this post before Christmas is over. If u read it after, save the greeting for next year Ok!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"...a tiger's waiting to be tamed..."

"When you tame a beast, you control power..." goes one advert by Stallion Automobiles on Cool FM. But the title line is from Coldplay's award winning album track - Clocks. I was singing along with this track when the line struck me.

First about the song. Clocks was written by Chris Martin and was the last track to be recorded in the album "A rush of blood to the head". It gained wide acceptance and won the Record of the year at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

Now the line "A tiger's waiting to be tamed" flooded my head with the great talents that exist around me. In this context, the "tamed" now represent the ability of these folks to harness their skills and explode with them.

First Anthony. My immediate younger brother. The most creative person I've ever met. Currently studying for a degree in Architecture at UNN, he's a bundle of skills when it comes to drawing, sketching, shading, painting,... etc. Was going through his sketches for last session "my favorite hundred sketches", I couldn't help but marvel at his abilities. All Chima could say was "I wonder where Anthony normally get all these idea from". I used to draw better than him but when I decided to drop the skill and focus on my studies (succumbing to pressures from parents), he continued. Now he's a phenomenon. See for yourself:

Wait did I say he and Chima were joint runners-up at the Commonwealth Youth Program art competition for 2006 (or 2007). They have the kpali for it at home.

When Kennedy told me he wasn't going to return to Lagos last holiday I was not very surprised. I had taken that decision too but the unavailability of accommodation chased me home. Ok, now I received this call from one "09" number. I knew immediately that it was from Abuja (I had a friend there who used to call me). "Hello Celestine..." the person on the other end said. "Hello who's this", "It's Kennedy... I'm in Abuja to interview Soludo." Levels!!! Kennedy is the Communications Officer of the Students' Union at UNN Enugu Campus and had gone to interview the Central Bank Governor for their SU mag. Kennedy and I hold similar ideas on most issues of life little wonder he called me on the night of Barack Obama's victory and we chatted for over 30 mins on the phone (not free night call o!). Great communicator and very politically inclined. When I told him I wouldn't do politics he was quick to point out that politics is everywhere. "If you plan to start-up and grow a multinational software company, you must do politics" and I don't agree less.
I remember vividly the circumstance that brought us together. I was going to "chyke" a girl that was his friend. He refused to permit me cos the girl was a girlfriend of another friend of his. Well the discussion swayed from the girl to us. We discovered that we grow up at the same neighbourhood and faced similar challenges and we bonded from then. His versatile nature is going to hold the world spell-bound when he explodes.

Now Rayo. I saved her name as Debola on my phone. Well I don't know why I think this chic is a phenomenon. But each time I decide to visit the blogsphere, her blog ( is my entry point. I think her writing skills are extraordinary. Jide (my Imagine Cup teammate) doesn't disagree. We read her post "My father's house" and Jide was really impressed. I'm a jambite in writings but Jide has read every novel you can name. I started with Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and I really enjoy the book. I'm not an expert but I think she'll explode if she exploit the skill. She's studying Law in Unilag and she wan be lecturer (nna mmeeennn, hot!).

I know a lot of other people who'll explode if they succeed in taming the tiger in them but for now watch out for these three. Better get to know then before it's too late.

Meeennn I cracked a number of relationships last week cos I was terribly broke. Was supposed to go for the burial ceremony of Lolade's dad but I couldn't make it to Aguda Surulere on Wednesday and Thursday. I was away from home and my maga was supposed to pay me for a software I debugged for him but he was posting me so I couldn't do much. Ebele called me on Tuesday and I was to see her on Friday, but I couldn't make it, even though she called me on Thursday to remind me. I was supposed to go to Tinu's place on Saturday and teach her how to use NetBeans IDE 6.5 but I fkd up. I'll spend a lot of money this week to mend these relationships... hmmm.
I dnt know the kind of pain I'm feeling at the right hand side of my lower jaw o! It can't be a dental problem cos I brush my teeth everyday (yes now). I think I'm teething. But the last time I counted my teeth (over a year ago) I think they were 32. The pain's actually getting to my upper jaw, close to my ear. It better go on time cos I don't have time for

I visited for the nominees for the 51st Grammy Awards. Lil Wayne topped with 8 nominations. My Coldplay was next with 7 nominations from their album released June this year "Viva la vida". Go check out the nominees and make your predictions.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Never losing a fight...

It's such an unfair world! Why can't we just want something and get it just as we wanted? Why does life have to permit that we be denied the pleasure of enjoying what we would most certainly give all for? Well, those were obviously the questions of the Baudelaire orphans when the were going through the miseries of count Olaf.

I remember when I first encountered the movie "Lemoney Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events". It was at Sodehinde hall common room. As usual now, guys were screaming "Porter!" when the happy little elf scene started the movie. A little while later, power was interrupted and everyone was chanting curses to "NEPA". Power was restored and seized at intervals so we never had the pleasure of seeing the end of the movie. Today was different as I had dinner and returned to the movie without "NEPA" noticing it.

The story - Three siblings lost their parent and had to be adopted by a relative. He tries to kill them to get their parent's fortunes. The law discovers and takes them from him but he follows them under all guise and eliminates anything in his way.

The lesson waited for the end of the movie before it manifested itself: "Every unfortunate event is an entry into a pleasant journey ahead..."

With a number of past experiences I've come to discover that this is true. One don't always get what one desires but one have the power to choose. Choose to stare helplessly at the spilled milk or chose to grab the opportunity that opened up after a door closes.

Our choice determines if we actually lost a fight or we discover another path with every seeming defeat.

To me, defeats don't exist. But as Robert Langdon's (in Dan Brown's book, Angels and Demons) father told him "If it wasn’t painfully difficult, you did it wrong."
Good things they say, don't come easy.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A rush of blood to the head

I pressed the 'Enter' button on iTunes with my favorite Coldplay track "A rush of blood to the head" from their 2002 album, "A rush of blood to the head" selected. I checked the 'play count' column, this would be the 95th time I'm playing this track and I'm certainly not planning to stop.

Buried within the melody – the wonderful blend of instrumentals and Chris Martin's smooth voice – is a message on one of the greatest forces that all human possess. A very abstract lyrics though, you need to be a genius (like me) to figure out the message. On first glance at the title of the track, ("A rush of blood to the head") first reaction's – these rock artistes have come again with their weird tracks – but if you've ever felt like yanking someone's head off their neck, or worse, because of what they did to you, then you should listen to this track.
The other person does something really bad to you, due to your anger (or vengance, same ni) you plan all sort of terrible things against the person. You won't be alone, you certainly won't. There'll be people around to psyche you on (to whine you). You gain momentum, anger pumps up. But there'll be someone else telling you it's useless to continue. You'll refuse to listen. You'll go on and get even with the person. It could be so terrible that your prey would just sit and cry, or worse still, their loved ones would do it. Your supporters would laugh, you might. When you realize how terrible what you did was, there's always a way to pass the blame. Some would blame their temper, a few others their anger, and most others the devil. Generally, they'll pass the blame to the rush of blood to the head, that little (or huge moment) of anger.

A few days ago I was pondering on the lyrics of this track trying to pick out the words and connect it to real life. I finally concluded that these guys should be talking of anger, I may be wrong though. Chima (my comedian younger brother) suceeded in stealing my MTN sim and running home (as in village) with it. He followed popsy who went home to do some maintainance at his house. He returned yesterday and my sim was browsing on his Sony Ericsson phone. Finally the internet have come to me!!! First I synched my version of the lyrics with that of, then I solved the puzzle.

I tell people (including you) that only elites would enjoy the kinda songs I listen to. I'm sure you can attest to that.

Eminem named Vibe Magazine's best rapper. Would be releasing his new album next month. Hinder, the rock band that hit the industry with their hit track "Lips of an angel" from their 2006 album "Extreme Behaviour" is out with a new album titled – I don't know yet, maybe I'll search the internet for it now. Ok it's "Take it to the limit" hmm, Ok. Coldplay's Viva la vida occupies number 36 on the Rick Dees top 40 from 33 last week. You should listen to that track, I know it's going down but it's blazing!!! Still on Coldplay, I visited MAMA (MTV Africa Music Awards) site to vote Coldplay for the best Alternative category. I hope they come to Abuja for the awards. Walahi, I'll raise money and go and see them. Alapomeji jo!!! 9ice won the MOBO awards for best African Artiste. Don't doubt him he'll bring home grammy.
I'm packing PHP into my head, using Java EE to do websites require lots of ceremonies to make it perfect. With PHP I should escape all those design patterns, software archetecture, etc and create sharp sharp websites. I'll reserve Java EE for bigger, more tasking projects. I'm searching for someone who'll gimmie a collection of R&B tracks of the 90s sometimes I just want to listen to them but my collection is limited.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2nd...Second...Cekond.....Ya Second!!!

Nna meeen, no be so dem dey blog o!!! I intended to update this blog every month (as per one kin busy homosapien), but I just abandoned it. But a lot of gr8 tins don shele since d last (and first) post. One chic I met, inpired me to visit my blog again, she's such a passionate blogger, posting sumtin four times per week. Check out her blog

Christ I've really gone Rocky!!! I really enjoy Coldplay, Green Day, 3 Doors Down... And all those Pop... Maroon 5. Alternatives too... Plain White T's, Snow Patrol... etc. I decided to play Lemar while coding today (haven't listened to his music in a while) and I discovered how I've missed soul music. Christ!!! My all time best music – If there's any justice – just kept me repeating it over and over again, like I should design an algorithm that would loop the music forever. You should listen to the music attentively from start to finish, the beats men... Try it and you'll agree with me that it's a classic.

Well, second semester year two is over. I'm now in year three, no be beans o!!! Like play like play now we go graduate. Last semester was wonderful, in fact, last session was the bomb. A lot of wonderful things happened in my life. This is the summary of it all:

  • Ran from pillar to post, light-hunting to create the almighty “CarBurn” software that brushed off contestants from over six tertiary institutions in Nigeria to win the Nigerian challenge of Microsoft Imagine Cup, 2008 – Software design category.

  • Represented Nigeria in Paris at the International finals of the global challenge - Microsoft Imagine Cup, 2008 – Software design category. Had fun in Paris, visited The Louve and saw the Monalisa, went on a boat cruise at the seine river, went for the hottest party you can think of (Imagine cup 2008 farewell party), had a face-to-face chat with prof Tolu Odugbemi, the honourable vice-chancellor of the University of Lagos. Unfortunately I didn't climb the Eiffel Tower.

  • Had our Imagine Cup praises sung at The Punch and This Day newspapers.

  • Went for a 10 minutes interview at “Today at STV” (which I didn't take part in).

  • Bought a classy Samsung R510 Intel Core 2 Duo laptop which I call Alphie.

I'm very grateful to those who made things happen for me last session. From Microsoft – Victoria N'dee Uwadoka, Ify, Paula, and all staff of Microsoft Nigeria. From The University of Lagos – Dr Ebun Fashina (the greatest mind and the most insightful thinker I've ever met), Jide Olatunbode, Seun Adepeju (my CarBurn partners-in-crime) and every member of my class (you guys are really off-da-shizzle). My great room-mates – Akin, Jide and Yemi. And my very own pals Tinu, David and Seye. Last but not the least, my folks and my great siblings. Really appreciate y'all.

Looking forward to a more wonderful session when school resumes again. Meanwhile, I lost a lot of weight last session, lemmie try to gain back my weight.

By the way you can check-out our team blog at and don't forget to post a comment here.

[Now Playing]...someone shud tell u how much I luv u, cos I really do. Wish I cud hold u the way that I wan to cos no one can luv u like I do....[Lemar – someone should tell you].

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I am

Finally, I created a blog for myself.

I'm Celestine Ezeokoye. I've been called a couple of other names (most of which are derived from my name) and I personally decided to stop fighting people who call me cele, babayaro, etc. Well my official nick names are celestocalculus (or calculus for short) and cele (some people prefer to call it twice, as in cele-cele, which I think is quite sexy).

A lot of people would call me a programming freak cos I love to talk about computers and do lots of programming. Well before I met computers (and well before I became a bookworm in my senior secondary school) I used to do a lot of drawing. Thanks to Akin (Rm E013, Sodehinde hall), I'm bringing back that part of my life. I also started writing poems. I've written two. I'll soon start learning how to play the guitar.

One thing those people close to me (and observers too!!!) would notice is that I love (and I mean love) music. Yesterday afternoon Dave (my closest pal) asked me this very familiar question "dem use music do u?" cos we were discussing and I just stated singing along with one of 9ice's song. I'll usually say I love rock songs most but I discovered that I enjoy any wonderful music, even those as mild as Corinne Bailey Rae's. My favorite artiste is Lemar (certainly not a rock artiste).

The timeless stuff came from my phone. Was Thinking of a new banner for my phone and I came up with -=timeless=-. Not so bad she bi? You'll be seeing something different some other time.

Apart from my great siblings I've got wonderful buddies. Dave (my closest pal) and Tinu (Mumma Gee) av always got my back. Wow Amaka, hmmm, I call her my lil girl, I think about her often (ya I mean it) and I think she's breaking deep into the friend zone. I really need her to keep doing well in school.

I was in Paris last month and it was a great experience. I'll leave that for another post. Meanwhile, always remember that you are the only person of your kind and the world's waiting for you to explode.

Please don't forget to drop a comment.