Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anada poem again?


Of what use are the shades of the cloud if it cannot regulate its downpour?
Of what marvel is the rainbow if it fills the sky and blurs true colours?
Of what pleasure is the sea if it overflows its bank and erodes its beaches?
Of what need is drinking water if it finds its way down the trachea instead of the oesophagus?
Of what use is solar energy if leaves get charred before their chlorophylls are activated?
Of what sense is music if it plays at decibels that perforate the eardrums?

Of what use is intellect if it’s not adorned with great characters?

©Celestine Ezeokoye, 2009.
Inspired by the ordeals of a bright final year student of the Department of Computer Sciences, University of Lagos. He took the law into his hands and landed himself in police custody only few weeks to his graduation. He is at risk of being rusticated from the school.

The Last Air Bender. A movie based on the animation "The Avatar" will be in the Theaters by July next year. I'm guessing they are working on releasing a movie based on Naruto, Bleach, etc... Francis won't like this, lol. I think I won't either. I think it's better it remains in its original animation form. Look at Dragon Ballz... The movie is fkd up.

Vuze gave me a trailer.

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