Tuesday, April 21, 2009

... yes I write poems too (I don't only write Java and C#)

What If?

What if the sky is not really blue?
What if the person on the mirror is not really you?
Every five years they say...
A known fact becomes hearsay.
If what seems like treasure today…
Turns out to be a shadow overlay
Will you crawl around and wail and weep
Or lay in arms of dearly grip
Do folks who tend you and are there
Know you love them and you care
What if they breathe and live each day
With dimmer gen of your love for them.

©Celestine Ezeokoye, 2009.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On my mind lately...

Just finished watching Taken for the second time... Niam Leeson was great. Above that, it was shot in Paris and it reminds me of our Paris experience last year! Hmmm I remember the black guy on suit and sunshades strolling around the airport when we just arrived... Jide called him a lost Nigerian (abi Jide...), I disagreed cos he was darker than an average dark Nigerian. He was kinda scary but the aura of being in Paris didn't make me realize until I saw this film.

Ok they smoke a lot over there!!! See cigarettes, burnt (abi she na smoked...) ones. Ahn Ahn!!! I remember I saw a Tom-Tom wrapper with the pile of cigarettes. That new Tom-Tom flavor then... the one with blue wrapper. Jide argued it wasn't Tom-Tom, but my eyes were not deceiving me now!!! He latter agreed. Of course one Naija guy (or gal) av been there and the person brought Tom-Tom along, The person smoked too, Hmmm...

Where Kim lodged, I think it's at Bir-Hakeem, not sure sha but it looks very much like Bir-Hakeem. Where he met with Jean-Claude, I'm very sure it's La Defense. The Arc Du Triumphe was clearly visible.

Ok I saw The Eye too... Jessica Alba. Hot stuff.

Started work (IT that is) on Thursday. Everyone who hears that I'm working at the department thinks I was lured into doing it... plus no pay!!! Damilola asked me on Thursday "are you sure this is what you want?" My answer: "Of course, I chose it... I had choices but I chose this for a reason". Thanks babe for your concern, and Rayo too... Thanks.