Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'll re-launch better

So on Tuesday, I had a meeting with the products arm of Quickteller team, along with the Founder/CEO of a very notable local start-up. It was actually a negotiation session, not a meeting per se.

Over the last couple of weeks/months, I've been the middleman trying to make a great deal happen between the good folks at Quickteller and this friend of mine, whom everyone acknowledges runs a kick-ass service. I try my best, being the mutual friend, to put a soft cushion for both parties, majorly because I believe it's a great deal and this person in particular has offered really great listening ears to my wahalas. One night, on the week of Jan 14th, 2013 after we officially opened-up Tiketmobile, he called to congratulate me and I think we spoke for an upward of 40 mins. That meant a lot to me. We speak a lot from time to time after that. So when something of this nature came-up, and I thought it could help his business make better headway, I tried my utmost best to make things happen.

Now this meeting/negotiation session isn't just about making a great deal happen between the awesome company which puts food on my table and my good friend. Nah. It's also an important drill for me, to keep myself on my grind. To pick-up as much as I could. To take my head out of the engineering hole I bury it in every workday and, once in a while, remind myself that my comfortable position should be at the intersection of engineering, business, teams management and strategy.

The entrepreneur in me is brewing stronger. Taking notes and nodding in acknowledgement.

I'll definitely re-launch better.