Saturday, November 15, 2008

A rush of blood to the head

I pressed the 'Enter' button on iTunes with my favorite Coldplay track "A rush of blood to the head" from their 2002 album, "A rush of blood to the head" selected. I checked the 'play count' column, this would be the 95th time I'm playing this track and I'm certainly not planning to stop.

Buried within the melody – the wonderful blend of instrumentals and Chris Martin's smooth voice – is a message on one of the greatest forces that all human possess. A very abstract lyrics though, you need to be a genius (like me) to figure out the message. On first glance at the title of the track, ("A rush of blood to the head") first reaction's – these rock artistes have come again with their weird tracks – but if you've ever felt like yanking someone's head off their neck, or worse, because of what they did to you, then you should listen to this track.
The other person does something really bad to you, due to your anger (or vengance, same ni) you plan all sort of terrible things against the person. You won't be alone, you certainly won't. There'll be people around to psyche you on (to whine you). You gain momentum, anger pumps up. But there'll be someone else telling you it's useless to continue. You'll refuse to listen. You'll go on and get even with the person. It could be so terrible that your prey would just sit and cry, or worse still, their loved ones would do it. Your supporters would laugh, you might. When you realize how terrible what you did was, there's always a way to pass the blame. Some would blame their temper, a few others their anger, and most others the devil. Generally, they'll pass the blame to the rush of blood to the head, that little (or huge moment) of anger.

A few days ago I was pondering on the lyrics of this track trying to pick out the words and connect it to real life. I finally concluded that these guys should be talking of anger, I may be wrong though. Chima (my comedian younger brother) suceeded in stealing my MTN sim and running home (as in village) with it. He followed popsy who went home to do some maintainance at his house. He returned yesterday and my sim was browsing on his Sony Ericsson phone. Finally the internet have come to me!!! First I synched my version of the lyrics with that of, then I solved the puzzle.

I tell people (including you) that only elites would enjoy the kinda songs I listen to. I'm sure you can attest to that.

Eminem named Vibe Magazine's best rapper. Would be releasing his new album next month. Hinder, the rock band that hit the industry with their hit track "Lips of an angel" from their 2006 album "Extreme Behaviour" is out with a new album titled – I don't know yet, maybe I'll search the internet for it now. Ok it's "Take it to the limit" hmm, Ok. Coldplay's Viva la vida occupies number 36 on the Rick Dees top 40 from 33 last week. You should listen to that track, I know it's going down but it's blazing!!! Still on Coldplay, I visited MAMA (MTV Africa Music Awards) site to vote Coldplay for the best Alternative category. I hope they come to Abuja for the awards. Walahi, I'll raise money and go and see them. Alapomeji jo!!! 9ice won the MOBO awards for best African Artiste. Don't doubt him he'll bring home grammy.
I'm packing PHP into my head, using Java EE to do websites require lots of ceremonies to make it perfect. With PHP I should escape all those design patterns, software archetecture, etc and create sharp sharp websites. I'll reserve Java EE for bigger, more tasking projects. I'm searching for someone who'll gimmie a collection of R&B tracks of the 90s sometimes I just want to listen to them but my collection is limited.