Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dining Philosophers problem

Earlier today I lost a chess game, my second loss since I've been playing the game... Ok I'm not a grandmaster; actually this is my fourth game ever. Lost the first, won the next two and lost this... 4 games in all. I've always dodged the game, but when Jide (roommate) requested that we play this morning, I gladly granted the request - well at least I won't be writing Java codes.

When I went to bed last night, I had lost count of the number of laptop computers that stared at me throughout the whole day and all I wanted to do was just sleep. The whole of yesterday was spent making some silly philosophers dine following a given threading pattern (bla, bla, bla....). We are supposed to be on holiday oh, but the whole cells in my body are so agitated like school is still in session. The dining philosophers problem is a classical problem in concurrency and we were supposed to simulate it using Java programming language.

Ok oh at the CSC302 lab exams, my program was the only one that ran (out of over 90 people), so that was supposed to make me the bad guy of the class, ok at least confirm me as the class’ bad guy. Now that comes with a prize, I was supposed to look at everybody’s program, have loads of phone calls when an assignment is given… yada, yada, yada.

Dr Fash gave us a take away assignment, dining philosophers, and believe me, no be beans o. I woke up 3am Friday morning to fix mine, after helping some people out with theirs on Thursday. It took me till 12 noon to make my philosophers dine and dine differently from every other one I’ve seen. From then, I just needed someone to save me from the legion of computer science students ready to lynch me. Every code I saw was similar in some way to another person’s code. Everybody got their codes from the internet and by looking at one person’s codes, I could tell about two other people with the same codes. I couldn’t attend mass and stations of the cross, and when Debola called me by 7pm I was very thankful that I would leave the hostel for the first time yesterday. Then I had four people in my room waiting for me to attend to their problems.

Debola, I know you’ll read this; you really saved me last night… I’m very grateful. I knew I was finding it difficult to connect when I was discussing with her, I was thinking philosophers throughout the whole day, but all I needed then was someone to pull me out of the mob and she did just that. Her second to the last advice was “go and get a good sleep” and I not only did that, I decided not to look at any codes today. I slept for 12hours and when I woke up this morning at about 9:30, I took the day off by watching Avater-The last air bender, book 2 and playing chess. Despite my decision, I still fixed three people’s codes before 12noon today. Someone once described me as an oracle; I guess they are turning me to that.

Her last advice was “update your blog”… well I’ve just done that.

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