Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2nd...Second...Cekond.....Ya Second!!!

Nna meeen, no be so dem dey blog o!!! I intended to update this blog every month (as per one kin busy homosapien), but I just abandoned it. But a lot of gr8 tins don shele since d last (and first) post. One chic I met, inpired me to visit my blog again, she's such a passionate blogger, posting sumtin four times per week. Check out her blog www.all4words.blogspot.com.

Christ I've really gone Rocky!!! I really enjoy Coldplay, Green Day, 3 Doors Down... And all those Pop... Maroon 5. Alternatives too... Plain White T's, Snow Patrol... etc. I decided to play Lemar while coding today (haven't listened to his music in a while) and I discovered how I've missed soul music. Christ!!! My all time best music – If there's any justice – just kept me repeating it over and over again, like I should design an algorithm that would loop the music forever. You should listen to the music attentively from start to finish, the beats men... Try it and you'll agree with me that it's a classic.

Well, second semester year two is over. I'm now in year three, no be beans o!!! Like play like play now we go graduate. Last semester was wonderful, in fact, last session was the bomb. A lot of wonderful things happened in my life. This is the summary of it all:

  • Ran from pillar to post, light-hunting to create the almighty “CarBurn” software that brushed off contestants from over six tertiary institutions in Nigeria to win the Nigerian challenge of Microsoft Imagine Cup, 2008 – Software design category.

  • Represented Nigeria in Paris at the International finals of the global challenge - Microsoft Imagine Cup, 2008 – Software design category. Had fun in Paris, visited The Louve and saw the Monalisa, went on a boat cruise at the seine river, went for the hottest party you can think of (Imagine cup 2008 farewell party), had a face-to-face chat with prof Tolu Odugbemi, the honourable vice-chancellor of the University of Lagos. Unfortunately I didn't climb the Eiffel Tower.

  • Had our Imagine Cup praises sung at The Punch and This Day newspapers.

  • Went for a 10 minutes interview at “Today at STV” (which I didn't take part in).

  • Bought a classy Samsung R510 Intel Core 2 Duo laptop which I call Alphie.

I'm very grateful to those who made things happen for me last session. From Microsoft – Victoria N'dee Uwadoka, Ify, Paula, and all staff of Microsoft Nigeria. From The University of Lagos – Dr Ebun Fashina (the greatest mind and the most insightful thinker I've ever met), Jide Olatunbode, Seun Adepeju (my CarBurn partners-in-crime) and every member of my class (you guys are really off-da-shizzle). My great room-mates – Akin, Jide and Yemi. And my very own pals Tinu, David and Seye. Last but not the least, my folks and my great siblings. Really appreciate y'all.

Looking forward to a more wonderful session when school resumes again. Meanwhile, I lost a lot of weight last session, lemmie try to gain back my weight.

By the way you can check-out our team blog at http://teamcarburn.blogspot.com/ and don't forget to post a comment here.

[Now Playing]...someone shud tell u how much I luv u, cos I really do. Wish I cud hold u the way that I wan to cos no one can luv u like I do....[Lemar – someone should tell you].