Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slave to Passion...not!

I've got this innate belief that most of the things in life are tools: social skills, oratory, quietness, etc. These are tools which makes it easy to navigate through the crests and troughs of life. Heck, life itself might just be a tool for one to achieve greatness and leave their footprint on the sand of time. Maybe.

This idea started to take root in my mind when in 2009, I read an article in the Oracle Magazine which described programming languages as tools and showed how pointless it is to be religiously attached to any language. After reading, I made it a conscious decision to learn as much programming languages as possible and apply as needed, in the most appropriate scenario. I'm still growing in that quest.

Then comes passion...

I am a very passionate person, it's one of may major strength. I like to believe that logic is the major drive behind most of my actions. However, most time, I've discovered that I don't yet know myself as much as I think, and that where there is a choice between passion and logic, passion usually takes front seat. Many times the result is good, other times it's just messy.

After the events of July this year, one of my personal diagnosis is to try to use everything as a tool, as much as possible. Everything, including passion. Just like I'm doing with programming languages. But old habits die hard and a tool in the hands of a learner does some damages first before it's eventually perfected.

The ugly head of my over-flowing passion showed up again on Friday, now I've got some query to answer to when I get to work on Monday. At times like this, I have to just remind myself to...