Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I am

Finally, I created a blog for myself.

I'm Celestine Ezeokoye. I've been called a couple of other names (most of which are derived from my name) and I personally decided to stop fighting people who call me cele, babayaro, etc. Well my official nick names are celestocalculus (or calculus for short) and cele (some people prefer to call it twice, as in cele-cele, which I think is quite sexy).

A lot of people would call me a programming freak cos I love to talk about computers and do lots of programming. Well before I met computers (and well before I became a bookworm in my senior secondary school) I used to do a lot of drawing. Thanks to Akin (Rm E013, Sodehinde hall), I'm bringing back that part of my life. I also started writing poems. I've written two. I'll soon start learning how to play the guitar.

One thing those people close to me (and observers too!!!) would notice is that I love (and I mean love) music. Yesterday afternoon Dave (my closest pal) asked me this very familiar question "dem use music do u?" cos we were discussing and I just stated singing along with one of 9ice's song. I'll usually say I love rock songs most but I discovered that I enjoy any wonderful music, even those as mild as Corinne Bailey Rae's. My favorite artiste is Lemar (certainly not a rock artiste).

The timeless stuff came from my phone. Was Thinking of a new banner for my phone and I came up with -=timeless=-. Not so bad she bi? You'll be seeing something different some other time.

Apart from my great siblings I've got wonderful buddies. Dave (my closest pal) and Tinu (Mumma Gee) av always got my back. Wow Amaka, hmmm, I call her my lil girl, I think about her often (ya I mean it) and I think she's breaking deep into the friend zone. I really need her to keep doing well in school.

I was in Paris last month and it was a great experience. I'll leave that for another post. Meanwhile, always remember that you are the only person of your kind and the world's waiting for you to explode.

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