Monday, March 25, 2013 A HUGE validation!

Around some time last month, I came across, a site that also sells interstate bus tickets for web users. Just what Tiketmobile does. I was curious and did a little digging and discovered that the domain was registered by serial internet entrepreneur/investor Chika Nwobi.

When I checked my twitter mentions today, @TIGWeekly mentioned me, informing me of the URL to potential a competition. Getting to the hub later, it was the talk of most people as they kept asking me if I had seen it.

Well, I have seen it and I know that they exist.

If I say I didn't expect a competition, I would be lying. To me it's not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN and it's a big validation of the thing that we are saw and are building. The fact that it's Chika Nwobi too, the serial internet investor who has Jobberman,, MTech, etc in his portfolio means that we at Tiketmobile actually have an eagle eye; we saw and are doing a good stuff.

To, I would say welcome. The sky is big enough for birds to fly without colliding... and if there is ever a need to collide, well...