Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bittersweet Week

Chiamaka, my pretty, not-so-little cousin, who's a going-on-200Level Accounting student of Covenant University, has been one of biggest critic during development. She'll criticize my U.I., my app approach, and worse, the colours on my code editor. As I woke up on Monday morning and concluding internal testing on my new product, I was impressed that she liked it, then I got a call from my mom. She said my dad was ill and admitted in the clinic. She said it was serious.

My joy was cut short and I had to suspend everything I was doing to go visit him and care for him. The last time I've had to care for someone who was admitted was when I was in 200L at UNILAG. One of my closest friends, was ill and had to go to the clinic. But my dad's case was worse. According to the doctor, he's been having HBP for some time and hadn't paid much attention to it, so it had developed to something more serious -- partial stroke.

He's in his 60s and has been very active. He runs a store close to home, where he resells plastic products, supplied from major factories, such as Nigerian Breweries. So this was a major shock to me. Well, long story short, a majority of this week, I've spent with him and my mom at the clinic. He's partially lost the ability to use his left-hand-side, so we've gotten a physiotherapist. However, he's responding positively to treatment.

In the meantime, I had planned to put my new app in the hands of alpha testers this week, and I went ahead with the plan irrespective. That has gone tremendously well. My gratitude goes to every one who took time off their busy schedules to test the app and gave me valuable feedback. I'm also impressed by the reception and the thoroughness. Thanks most especially to Ope Obembe of Callbase, Adeyinka Amurawaiye of Meditell, Bezaleel Ashefor of DIUS studios, Victor Obiator and my friends at Interswitch. Also to my oga at the top, Gbenga Sesan for the confidence boost!

I'm closing testing and development this weekend, after integrating selected feedback from the alpha testers. Next week, I'll announce the application URL and official release date. I'll also work towards closing partnership talks that are ongoing, ahead of launch.

I'm excited.


1) I've been a one-man team, from concept creation to app and business development. Only working with feedback gotten from kind-hearted well wishers, who are genuinely interested in my activities. The tasks have been overwhelming. This week, I felt the pressure most. So I've invited a former classmate of mine to join-in on the project. As soon as we conclude proceedings, I'll announce him.


Those who know me closely know that I'm a big fan of dreadlocks. Well, I just acquired mine. I like them, but I wish my hair was really longer, so the locks can fall over my shoulders. They're cuter that way. I had to do it now though, because my hair was getting too rough and untidy. Anyway, I'll gladly watch them grow and fall over my shoulders, like they should really be. Now I have to buy several fashionable headwear in order to protect from people who judge at first-sight.