Monday, March 7, 2011


This month makes it six months since I unofficially left home -- that is, if you want to see me, my primary address is not where my parent stays (even tho I don't yet have a personal primary address). And really it has been nothing short of what I expected, tho it gets to the extreme sometimes.

I love to dare, it's just in me, crazy unthinkable things. I've lost count of them. I personally believe that in the journey to manhood, a young man should leave the confines of security and venture into the jaws of the real world, especially men who do not want to live obscure lives. After all, anything which would not kill you would make you stronger. That's what led me out.

Over this period, I've been stuck at the road a number of times due to bad traffic (Lagos na!) A lot of these time, I would wish I'd just go home to mumsi food but I'll realize it's far away. At some other times, I've also looked into my wallet to discover that it's not smiling at me and I've had to take drastic decisions to salvage my state (like take molue, instead of the comfort of BRT or danfo, after which I'll almost always swear never to board a molue again, lol). Even tho I'm not very good with money, I've kinda improved over this little time. I've also made a few families away from my family of birth -- the Ademilua's, the Claudius-Cole's -- places where I can call 'home' and and do some house chores when I wake up in the morning (after sleeping from 5 to 9am due to overnight hacking + I'm also not good with house chores too).

I know greatness beckons and I'm sure these experiences would only make the story sweeter. I'm very grateful to my lovely parents for being liberal enough to trust me in handling (and experimenting with) my life even though most times they do not understand what I do (my mom still asks me for explanations on what I do on the computer all night, even though I've explained a gazillion times. I guess I must be terrible at explaining).

Over time, I've also learnt that you do some things wrong a number of times before you finally start to do them right. Right now, I'm learning how to sell my products and I think I'm doing terribly badly. I'm not very bothered 'cos I know I'll improve with time. Besides, at this stage, I can always run back home and get re-embossed when things get out of hand.