Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raising Successors - The Celestine Discipleship.

It's no longer news that I won't be graduating with my class, what I pray for is that my best plans work out.

Due to my discovery that there's limited supply of developers, I've started a discipleship program. I call it The Celestine Discipleship. I intend to try my best in imparting the knowledge I have accumulated over the years on computer science students, at least make them able to convincingly win the National Challenge of the Imagine Cup and put-up a good international representation.

The program: Endorsed by the H.O.D of Computer Science, University of Lagos; Extra-Curricular; F-O-C. I already have one disciple and I'm on a hunt for suitable students for recruitment. I hope to build a small bread of self-confident software developers whom I'll ultimately absorb into my start-ups. By the end of the program, among other software development thingy, they should be very competent in Java, C# and Scala programming languages. Hopefully, they would get some silverware for themselves too - maybe Google Code Jam or Microsoft Imagine Cup trophy.

I'll try my hands on this while I'm serving my self-imposed extra session. It would work out, I'm very positive.

P.S. Waltag's searching for investors. If you know anyone we can talk to holla at me and we'll send our business proposal to the person (individuals only, please). Thanks ;)