Friday, August 21, 2009

All those time I was off...

Not like I purposely left o...

The Imagine cup, hmmnn. After a lot of gra gra, we sha go. As before now, noting happen + the debt I incurred from phone calls + the boredom that accompanied my stay in Cairo. Ok, I won't keep quiet o! I sent Microsoft a personal note on how the event did not go well. I expected a reply, for where... all I got was an automated response from the PR department, "Out of Office:....". Ok, that's their business.

My life goes on... In between, series of rejections from different sources. Alphie's always my escape. Talking of Alphie, he was 1 year old on the 9th of August and he's still kicking... well just one fault - the speaker on the right-hand-side is bad. Aside that, every other thing's fine. Besides, I can always use some external speakers or some ear phones, yada, yada, yada...

It's like these competitions drain the psyche out of you... After putting in a lot, they are just not worth it in the end. Clung to Jesus lately and he's helping me get back to my normal self. I miss Tinuade, she just keeps promising me she'll come to school every weekend and she keeps failing... Except when I'm at home, she'll call and ask if I'm in school that she's on her way! Sorry O.

I've decided not to take-up any paid employment ( I just made that decision). Been really, really, broke lately, ( in, really, really, really broke). After writing up this beautiful composition on Nairaland, I got the hottest bashing I've ever gotten online. The result was the chilliest mellow. Men, I mellow! Ok, personally, I went through the profile of some members then I convinced myself that I'm still just beginning! Then I decided that I won't take up any contract to create a bespoke software for anyone again... Well, except IT projects (...bring it on!!!). So how the hell am I going to eat?!!

Less than a week after I returned from Cairo, I stumbled on Scala programming language. I've been coding with it ever since. I love it! The fact that it runs on Java makes me love it even more! Twitter uses it at their back end, and LinkedIn too. Then came Lift, a web framework created to run with Scala. I always want to put something up on Scala at my programming blog but I just kept postponing it.

Now I'm busy. I'm creating a Status Blog/Social Networking Site (SB/SNS) for halls of residence in institutions. Not like I'm good at web applications, in fact I think I sulk at web apps. Almost all web based contract I get, I kinda mess them up! I'm better at back-end logic implementation, hard-core programming. But I've decided to take my chances once again. Lift is looking very interesting so I'm getting back to web apps. Plus I'm working with David. He's getting hotter at web interface design. I think it (that is, the SB/SNS) would be the bomb! It's just computerizing what a lot of people already do manually.

Since I won't work for anyone (...surely, by God's Grace!) and I won't take up contracts (...hopefully, by God's Grace!), I have to rely on my creativity/imaginations to feed myself. God helping me, people will buy my ideas. Then maybe, I'll just achieve Mark Zukerberg's feat in Naija and Seun Osewa may just have a compatriot!

Howdy !!! (...sorry, See ya!!!)