Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yeah... crazee me!

I thought I was crazy, now I realized I'm not actually crazy, I'm super crazy!

Sitting my own o, jeje in the lab reading for a test when one chic decide to start staring at me. Me I stared back o! Then we started doing "first to look away"... After some time, she burst into laughter and turns away, and actually walks away. I smiled and followed her and asked: "Didn't ur mommy tell u not to stare at strangers?" Then we started talking. I got all her details and when when I wanted to leave I asked for her number. She refued to drop it (in the typical Unilag chic spirit!) Then I told her to hold on to my phone that I would call my number whenever I wanted to speak with her. She took my phone and I walked away, went back to continue reading for my test.

My test av finished now and she is refusing to pick my phone. Armed with her name, department and level, I headed to the faculty of social sciences to find this chic, to no avail. I have a gazzilon calls to make and 20% of me is asking myself why I did it, 50% is amazed at the crazee thing I just did and 30% is just indifferent. :D

I'm closing in on her sha, I've gotten a few people who are in her department but not in her level. Next is to find people in her level but for now I'm taking a break. If you call me any time soon, maybe a chic would pick the phone nd say "hello"!

P.S. After a lot of pressure from my pops (the latest being holding a mirror to my face and asking me "how do you think you look?"), I've finally cut my hair! Now I adorn a low punk. I think it kinda looks nice and makes me look extremely different. I actually went home last weekend hoping to blow my hair, but after a little thinking, I realized I would be stepping into a lot of offices and they could be judging me by the hair I wear. So I decided to play by the rules! Anthony have blown his hair though (badt guy!). I didn't get to see how he looks before he went to school, cos he left in the morning and I arrived in the afternoon. Home is now funnier, Chima is at home :)